PEPA CHARRO /                         LA TERREMOTO DE ALCORCÓN

Actress · Comedian · Vedette · Businesswoman · Presenter · Cultural Promoter

Among a thousand worlds is Pepa Charro and her alter ego La Terremoto de Alcorcón, with a long professional career that was born from the
Diabéticas Acceleradas Theater Company and that experience takes her along paths such as the purest cabaret, cinema, theater, television or avant-garde gastronomy.
With films behind her such as “Piedras” or “20 centimetros” by Ramón Salazar, “Aro Tolboukhin”, “Carta a Eva” by Agustí Villaronga or “Los Amantes pasajeros” by Pedro Almodóvar with whom she collaborates artistically at their premiere parties as mistress of ceremonies and artistic coordinator since the film “Volver”, accompanying Pedro and performing twice at Cannes Film Festival with “La mala Educación” and “Julieta”.
Presenter from the “Shangay Mag” galas, anniversary of AD magazine or any LGTBIQ + event, collective with which she has been working after more than 20 years both in Spain and in Italy, England, Portugal, Belgium, France or the USA .
She speaks French, English, Catalan and Spanish.
She dares to make cameos with artists of the stature of Fangoria or Hidrogenesse, to produce her own show directed by Antonia San Juan or to coordinate MACBA cabaret and make her own piece for the Es Baluard Museum of Contemporary Art, as well as to inaugurate the MUSAC in León.
Entertainment and her collaboration or presentation in various formats is a key
element to achieve popularity as a final contestant on programs such as “Masterchef Celebrity” on TVE, “Tu cara me suena” or “Me resbala” Antena 3 or presenter and conductor in “Niquelaó” at Netflix.
She stars in the series “Escenas de matrimonio” and “Fenomenos” Antena 3 and
collaborates in others such as “Aída”, “Paquita Salas” or “Arde Madrid”, “Con el culo al aire” and “El Ministerio del tiempo” as well as “XXL” at Startzplay.
Nowadays and for thye last 7 years, she is a member of the “Parabere, Improving
Gastronomy with women’s vision” forum, strengthening its relationship with haute
cuisine and thus collaborating in events such as the presentation of the “Repsol Soles” or the “Chefs for children”, “Gelinaz” in Sicily galas.
Collaborator always in a humorous tone of the RNE program “Tarde lo que tarde” after having been on Onda Cero with “Surtido de Ibéricos” by Carlos Latre or “Lo que es la vida” with Nieves Herrero.
She combines her artistic life with the hostelry industry, being the owner and cultural promoter of Flexas Bar in Palma, Balearic islands, where each year around 10,000 people gather with a very eclectic artistic line-up, collaborating with artists such as El Niño de Elche, Joe Crepúsculo, Massiel, la Bienquerida, Papa Topo, Milly Vanilly, Betty Missiego or Chicks on speed.