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Caoticx is born from the feeling in which life is in absolute disorder and / or confusion. In that place, Caoticx seeks a creative expression, where he gives “meaning” to “chaos”, building a bond of stability in a new way of thinking. Caoticx is not just a brand, it is recycled eco-leather and plastic free.

Caoticx was born on December 16, 2020 after its search for survival in the midst of a global pandemic. In order to find a place in the world, Caoticx 100% Spanish is created. We work with local manufacturers who give us the highest quality of the product in recycled and ecological leather, certified by Oeko-Tex Leather Standard and Global Recycled Standard.

Our products represent our philosophy and style in a more sustainable world. Therefore, all our products have the ability to be used in more than one way, and thus Caoticx adapts to the individual style of each one of us. We like our consumers to be part of the design, and for this reason we let them choose the color of their Caoticx clasp, giving it a personal touch.

Being a brand that aims at Slow Fashion, we seek artistic expression as a means of communication and we promote product improvements to achieve their highest quality, and not mass production and exploitation of designs. We believe in equality and we love the absurd.

Caoticx, style is what matters.


Natural with no Labels

Linda began as a lemon juice brand, made from an original recipe from India that traveled to Spain a long time ago.


The first Linda bottle was sold in May 2014 and today, it is sold in more than 800 retailers. The ingredients are as pure as can be, the same as the mixers and the brand values.


This juice is 100% natural ingredients without additives. So, you can say goodbye to having to double check the nutrition label. When you’re transparent to the world, there is no need to explain who you are and where you’re from. For now, there are four-star fruits that give a powerful, savory explosion to each bottle but stay tuned, there will be new flavors coming soon!



Luxury Made In Italy

La Perla has always been characterised by its luxurious pieces of lingerie and bath. A historical Italian brand that has never had competitors within its field and has known how to rejuvenate itself with the passage of time.


Their designs are created for a sophisticated woman with a lot of personality who does not want to lose femininity at any time. La Perla’s man is also a man with clear ideas who likes fashion and quality in his clothes.


The renovation of its boutiques, its fashion shows on the New York Runway and the great models they work with (such as Adriana Lima or Kendall Jenner) are good proof that this Made In Italy has more strength than ever.



Luxury Lifestyle

Luciana has over ten years experience in the fashion industry. She has been Creative Director and Editor of several designers and brands. Inspired by industrial and interior design, MAZZA is yet another extension of her personality.


MAZZA was born as a Premium lifestyle brand whose “investment pieces” collections are oriented towards an intelligent way of consuming and living, combining traditional craftsmanship with quality materials and timeless designs.


Handmade hats made by Spanish masters. True gems, timeless and exclusive, unisex, made with 100% wool, crowned with a marble stone and plated in 18 carat gold, which is the brand’s distinction, a symbol of clarity and creativity.


MAZZA’s first collection is made with three different hat models that reinterpret classical styles and turn them into exclusive pieces of design. You can find them in beige, grey or black, combined with three tones of marble: white, grey and a shocking green.



Interior Design Studio and Exclusive Designed Pieces Boutique

Eamsee opened its doors in Madrid in 2015. This design and interior design studio suggests decoration in context and offers versatile and practical solutions.


In Eamsee they range from the selection of materials, furniture, decorative accessories and art, moving away from the rigidity of perfection and leaving room for the everyday life that shapes a true home.