Activist · Singer · Dj · Communicator

Activism, politics, feminism, vindication and lots of music. Rocío Saiz is a solo singer as well as being part of the groups Monterrosa and Las Chillers, she is also a DJ and communicator. Her speech in favor of diversity and her criticism of heteropatriarchy have made her one of the LGTBIQ+ leaders with the most character and strength in Spain. Now he embarks on this new adventure.

The dance floor is political, the fun is never as innocent as it seems, and love dramas are rarely a non-transferable experience. Rocío talks about everything that happens before, during and after the dance: disappointments, sex with and without love, toxic relationships, the fullness of being the owner of your destiny for as many hours as possible, but also insomnia derived from work stress and lack of of money and the need for a certain hedonism to forget everything from time to time.

He has done it with Monterrosa with Eurovision hits and ballads out of time, as if we could bring together Tino Casal, La Oreja de Van Gogh, Abba, Astrud, Cecilia and Vengaboys to make generational hymns that explain how we feel in 2020, and now he is starting solo path to unite worlds between the sophistication of Monterrosa and her lively force with Las Chillers. In the summer of 2022 she was the presenter of the ‘Out of the closet’ fashion show for the Hotel W Ibiza and the presenter of the new Movistar + space ‘La Nevera de Inverfest‘.