Martina Benvenutto is fun, creative, authentic and cosmopolitan.
Born in Uruguay and resident for several years in Mallorca, she is currently the creative director of the clothing brand Nilay, inspired by the boho chic trend created for women with a free spirit.

She is also an interior designer, a specialty for which she trained in Barcelona. From there was born her passion for collecting works of art, being ambassador of Knack Art Show.

She has been the muse of renowned photographers such as Blaise Retenward, Anna Panic and Leonardo Condor, among others, and has appeared in magazines, national and local newspapers, as well as on television, such as the Holi Malaga program where she has been requested on several occasions.

There are many brands that collaborate with her to communicate through her look, such as San Miguel, Port Aventura and has been in the summer of 2022 muse of designers in the parade of the hotel W Ibiza where she paraded with the great creations of national firms such as Ivvana Mestre, Natividad Castillo, Vigina Vald, Weyler, among others.

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