Jesús Vazquez Viedma

Management · PR · Events · Fashion

JVV was founded in October 2015 by Jesús Vázquez Viedma after more than fifteen years of professional experience in the fashion industry. Graduated in law by the University of Carlos III, where he continued his career as a professor of the Vogue-Carlos III Master in Fashion and Beauty Communication from almost its inception, before continuing his professional career abroad. He established himself for ten years in Milan, where he worked as a commercial director for brands such as Miu Miu, Trussardi or Marc Jacobs. He also resided in London where he worked for Burberry, until he ended up back in Spain, to direct the Stella McCartney brand nationally.


He has recently taken the leap to create an agency that blends these experiences with his passions. JVV is an intensely personal project that manages the careers of an eclectic and wide range of artists, aids in the production of enriching experiences, and acts as the press department for made in Spain brands with a wide international audience.


Nowadays he became director for the Communication, Marketing and Fashion Events Master degree at LCI Barcelona (Felicidad Duce).