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Niña Vintage (Vintage Girl) emerged after an encounter between Lorenzo Puy and Belén Coca, boy and girl, musician and creative mind. He played the guitar for her, and she started singing. Since that one day, their universes collided and gave birth to this unique musical project.

Belén’s taste for humming oldies is what gave name to the group. In her personal soundtrack there is a natural mix of Spanish folk, jazz standards, musical films and pop rock from the 80’s and 90’s. Her captivating voice is fresh, delicate and moving.

Lorenzo is an experienced musician who started his artistic activity back in the 90’s as a singer, composer, guitarist and percussionist of the band La Nevera, with whom he recorded three LPs and was twice awarded with the Villa de Madrid trophy. On top of all this, he composes, records and produces music for advertising and other recording projects.

The band is completed with bass player Joky Diaz (“alma mater” of La Nevera), keyboardist Juan Casero, and drummer Pablo Díaz, who is also part of the band Los Párpados. All of them enrich the sounds of La Niña Vintage with their experience and their particular and varied influences, leading to an interesting fusion that fluctuates from pop to jazz, from American folk to Hispanic roots, from English to Spanish.

Since their formation in 2011, they have performed regularly – both as a duo and with the entire band – on the Madrid music scene (Café Berlin, Costello, Siroco, Clamores, Fotomatón, El Intruso …) and at corporate and private events. In 2016 they released their first album, “Take this Train”, which proposes a musical adventure that travels to the past and to different sound traditions with a backpack full of music in which everything is mixed without prejudice or labels.

From Ella Fitzgerald to David Bowie, Chet Baker to Michael Jackson, Lola Flores to Jobim, Niña Vintage’s repertoire contains covers as well as original scores with a retro taste and explosive combinations that easily connect with their audience.

They have released their first album of original songs called XXX from whose work the single “Tu Tesoro” is extracted, an invitation to save dreams and give them warmth.
Brands like Oysho have chosen this group for their events.