Firstborn son of the “Poetry Brothel” of New York, installed in Barcelona for ten years now and beginning its career in Madrid, reaping staunch supporters and good reviews, this group of poets, dancers and performers, turns each event into a field of evidence where the poetry in private takes a pulse to the typical recitals to use. Directed by the actress and poet Sònia Barba, to whom the project fits her like a glove on the hand for her creative career and her love of poetry since she was a little girl, Prostíbulo Poético has been performing regularly at festivals, hotels, private parties and special local venues such as Sala Equis and Club Matador in Madrid and Soho House, La Bacanal or Palo Alto Festival in Barcelona.

Poetry, irreverence and rebellion is the motto of these poets who came to stay. This is certified by their ten years of experience and the Red Books, an annual publication that collects the work of the members, and a hook that they use to seduce those who come to them attracted by curiosity and come out convinced that the time has come to knock them down the prejudices that surround the feared poetry. They assure that they are going to take away the fear of ghosts and…at a time when you cannot trust what you see, you only have to trust what you feel.