Damián López is Argentine, born in Buenos Aires in 1987, of an emigrant family that crossed the ocean in times of European crisis descended from Portuguese, Italians and Spaniards.

He has dedicated his life to sport and activism for the rights of the LGTB + collective, at the beginning of his sporting career he began his career in ITF Taekwondo where he achieved numerous national and international achievements. He is currently an athlete federated by Spain in which he works as a WT Taekwondo athlete.

At 23 years old after recovering from metastatic cancer that predicted a life expectancy of 35%, he decided to dedicate his life entirely to activism to show the world that sport can change your life.

He is currently the first activist for LGTBIQ + Taekwondo rights in the world, he is the creator and coach of the first federated LGTBIQ + Club of Taekwondo in the world, president of the first secretary of diversity within an entity that regulates Taekwondo in Spain, is also the sports image and ambassador of Valencia’s candidacy to host the diversity olympic games in 2026. He was also the promoter of the creation of the first diversity department within an institution that regulates Taekwondo at the national level in Argentina.