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Lucía Dominguez Dominguín belongs to one of Spain’s most important artistic sagas. Best known as “Palito Dominguín” or “Palito Bosé”, she was raised in Extremadura´s countryside. From a very early age she loved to go on long walks and collect small branches and sticks, and that is where she coined her nickname Palito (little stick), something that was soon caught up by her family and friends.

When turning 16 she insisted on moving to Brighton, England, to study what she was really passionate about: arts, photography and music. After completing her high school arts diploma she chose to stay in the UK and investigate its artistic scene for herself, applying to AUB (Arts University of Bournemouth) where she is now studying a Degree in Fine Arts. She doesn’t forget her roots though, and that is why she constantly travels to Spain.

She just turned 21 and is starting to flirt with the fashion industry. She has been Fernando Montesinos’ muse at the Madrid Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, and was chosen to pose for SModa magazine’s special article about the female identity. With a clear mind and a strong desire to express through all the arts that she is exploring, it is certain that Palito is going to create quite a buzz.