Nadia Benyahya (Madrid, 1984) is a journalist who combines writing with brushes. Like Kerouac, this Madrilenian woman with an unrepeatable surname is only interested in people crazy to live, crazy to talk, crazy to save themselves, wanting everything at the same time. And that madness that keeps us sane is the protagonist of her work. Fireproof and with the instinct for science, she looks for that second that has just gone, creating frames of a fire. How could her paintings not seem like a dirty verse by Sabina in Sofía Coppola’s mouth? Badass and delicate at the same time, the painting of her is like receiving a light hit in the middle of the stomach. She in addition to holding numerous individual exhibitions and participating in group shows in renowned galleries in Madrid and Barcelona. Nadia also works in cinema, where she has created the paintings for the main sets of important series such as “Elite” (Netflix), “For Life” (AMC Networks), as well as the art direction of the video clip. by Yoly Saa for Warner and the first short film directed by Mina El Hammani, Treinta Segundos“.