Misterpiro, Visual and Urban Artist. Graduated in Design from the Complutense University of Madrid, where he currently resides, although his work and his works often take him outside his country.

His origins were the street with graffiti, later he continued with watercolor, acrylic and water-based techniques in his studio. Until he has managed to combine the two very contrary techniques in a unique style, full of color and life, ranging from the warmest red to the most electric turquoise. Bringing the delicacy of watercolor to the street, a new wall support that has little to do with the paper where he works his most delicate works.

His technique is based on improvisation, where the aggressiveness of the spray and the delicacy of watercolor mix on all kinds of supports. Works where the fluidity of water and atmospheric volatility fill a world with expression and light that makes us travel from the most figurative to complete abstraction.

There are many works carried out in the last year, such as that of the University of the Balearic Islands or the Madera and Bao restaurants in Madrid, even going on a tour in recent months that has led him to decorate various places in South Korea. In addition, he has had time to carry out workshops such as the shoe customization at Soho House Barcelona, ​​where he showed that he is also capable of transmitting his creative streak among the attendees.

Among his latest works we would highlight having been in charge of giving personality to the entire interior of the Levi’s store in the central Fuencarral street and the facade of the Aristocrazy Flagship Store in Madrid’s Gran Vía and the Nørdic Mist campaign for television and advertising Exterior. In addition to having collaborated with a large mural for the presentation of the new season of the Birkenstock brand. He is also immersed in several exhibitions where he exhibited his new works, such as the one that took place at the beginning of 21 at the Khrisler gallery in Madrid

In 2017 he was selected as one of the 30 young people under 30 years of age with the greatest professional projection both inside and outside Spain by Forbes magazine (30 Under 30).

His latest collaborations have been with companies of great importance, such as Dr. Martens, Converse, Etnia Barcelona, ​​BMW Spain, Flax & Kale, MadCool, among others … Also, his works have appeared in several chapters in the new season of the Spanish series from Netflix, ” Elite ”.