Marilia is a Spanish singer, songwriter and producer, with five studio albums, among them: ‘’ Infinito ’’ (2017) and ‘’ Subir una Montaña ’’ (2012).

She broke onto the Spanish pop scene as a singer and author in the successful duo, Ella Baila Sola, (1996-2001) selling several million copies worldwide and becoming part of Spanish pop history.

She wrote her first song at the age of eleven, and it was with songs like como “Cuando los sapos bailen flamenco”, “Mujer florero” or “Amores de barra” that her voice reached the homes and hearts of several generations. Her live repertoire includes a selection of her most popular and significant songs, they are celebrated in each concert, accompanied by her new powerful and personal sound, which evolves with her and to which she adds new songs in each project, without losing her essence and personality.

She returned to the scene as Marilia with “Subir una Montaña” (2012), an album full of warm, inspiring songs, sometimes traditional and self-improvement, with touches of humor and accurate melodies. Stage that led him to play in Mexico and Spain in all her electric and acoustic formats. After this album a second “Infinito” (2017) recorded live was released, a tribute to the songs and the people who keep them alive. Since then, his concerts have been a new and present look at those songs and the journey traveled together, a celebration by premiering new songs, faithful to his personality and evolution as an artist, with the love and joy that people continue to offer him live.

Marilia continues to prepare new music after the single “Mi dragón”, premiered by Tony Aguilar on the Global Radio Top 40, and “Hay un ángel en mi habitación” transmitting the energy and strength of her creative and vital moment.

She is currently on tour together with Marta Botía, for the 25 years of ‘’Ella Baila Sola’’with concerts throughout Spain.

Her live shows quality, maturity and freshness, her familiar voice transports us to new places with the simplicity and clarity that only some voices transmit, with a warmth that reconnects us.