Creative director for events

Isaac Dospuntos, is a creative who has developed during this stage all his experience in the unique production of events, such as La Caja Sensorial.

A show where souls from different artistic disciplines are combined, such as classical music, opera, dance, jazz, acrobatics, performance, mentalism, fashion, technology, contemporary artists and different cultural expressions.

They are divided into different parts, which tell a different story and transmit an emotion. The rhythm goes in crescendo until the final burst of the night creating a great explosion of sensations.

Between lights, smoke, performances and anonymous barmen; we feed the experience and the energy of the assistants that will make them disconnect from reality for an instant to connect with a sensorial world.

You’ll never know what surprise La Caja Sensorial will bring you.

Companies such as Bulgari, Coty, Accenture, Malaga City Council and Hotel Miramar have already lived this experience.