From a very young age, she always had a relationship with the camera and the audiovisual world through Skateboard. In 2006 he created his first Skateboard Internet TV channel, where he himself presented the Skate116TV program and interviewed the world’s sports stars, which was very successful both in Spain and abroad.

His passion for theater and art is a legacy of his French upbringing. He has been trained with multiple teachers of both national and international prestige. He has a true passion for interpretive technique, so much so that whenever he can, he travels to any part of the world to train.

His first professional participation in Spanish cinema was with Gracia Querejeta in the film “15 años y un día”. He has also worked with directors such as Miguel Bardem in the TV movie “Prim el calle del Turco” and has participated in series such as “El Ministerio del Tiempo” in its third season and recently in the daily series “Amar es para siempre”.