Artist · Creative director · Activist

Eduardo Jairycovich is a 26-year-old Spanish multi-disciplinary artist, creative director and Queer activist. He was born and resides in Valencia, a city with which he feels very connected and from which he constantly draws inspiration. His eclectic style fuses and transforms classical with modern influences, also exploring sensuality and female eroticism from a socially seen male body, combining both and creating something unique.

Since 2014 he has directed Chapelle Mag, a magazine that he himself founded and that has distinguished itself by its strong interest in art and the defense of fundamental rights in our time such as LGTBIQ +, feminism and inclusion. In it he had the opportunity to work and direct projects with personalities such as Paco León, Eduardo Casanova, Antonia San Juan, Macarena Gómez, etc.

In mid-2021 he published his first book, ‘’ RITO ’’, a collection of poems and photobook, focused on queer lives told through his own. Directed and written by Eduardo, the photographs were taken by Feminin Films and in him you can see the display of skills that define his work, since not only the creative direction was carried out by him but also the art, the scenography, the styling and the retouching the photographs.

On the other hand, he also directs his own studio, Eklektikos Room, a space of baroque origin in the center of the city of Valencia and which is in high demand for fashion editorials and video clips by professionals in the sector. In which, and from which Eduardo has directed various editorials with publications in different national and international magazines.

During the last edition of CLEC Fashion Festival in Valencia in October 2021, he was chosen by two of the designers who presented the collection, Eduardo Navarrete and Yvan Andreu, as a model for their catwalk.