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DELAPORTE is an Italian-Spanish electronic music project based in Madrid, created by Sandra Delaporte and Sergio Salvi. Both come from the black music scene in search of new languages with electronic music.

They started by uploading some covers to YouTube until they decided to show their own material covering all genres: JJCale, Talking Heads or Nina Simone, among others.

After two years working together to find a sound suitable for the national and international market, they published their first songs. Creative atmospheres, beats and Sandra’s delicate voice are some of the elements that give personality and make their project different.

They have been responsible for creating the music for the new version of the reissue of the legendary Spanish TV show “Fama, a Bailar” (Movistar +, #0.) Their song “A Garden” is the main soundtrack.

So far they have played in festivals such as Paraíso, Noches del Botánico, MAdTownDays or Mar Abierto. They have shared the stage with Giorgio Moroder, Bomba Estéreo, and played in Madrid, Valencia, Barcelona and Naples with a very good response from the public and critics.

Their first project is divided in two. “ONE”, released in September 2017, an EP with six songs, five in English and one in Spanish and “UNO”, released in February 2018, the EP that closes this episode of DELAPORTE which contains six songs in Spanish, with rhythms and atmospheres that take you to places that are a little more Latin and warm, but which, nevertheless, floods you with DELAPORTE’s own sound, following the line of “ONE”. His second work “DOS”, released in early February 2019, an 8-track EP, whose presentation single was, “Azul Marino” which is a success of listening and downloading in all musical platforms.

They have also collaborated with artists such as John Grvy and Alex Guerrero.

The PARAÍSO festival in Madrid has counted on them for its first edition, positioning them at the level of great national and international groups and djs of the world electronic sphere.

The first edition of the Aperol Fest that took place in Madrid and Barcelona in 2019 had delaporte as the only band for all its days, being three afternoons in the incomparable framework of the Italian embassy in Madrid and two afternoons in the spectacular Club de Polo in Barcelona.

Sandra Delaporte, the female part of the duo, has been chosen as the image of Amazon Fashion for one of their latest campaigns and both are the image of the sports brand Nike.