Bloger · Influencer · Photographer

Adriana, a Mexican living in Barcelona, ​​is a blogger with a personal style and “one of the real ones”, with a blog that since its inception in 2010 has reached thousands of visits every day from readers and followers from all over the world.

She has a degree in Graphic Design from the UABC in Mexico and a freelance director of creative content for social networks.

She created Fake Leather, a Christmas almost seven years ago, after having the need to express her ideas in her own space. Since her inception, she has spoken in this on fashion, style, beauty, and the modern woman’s lifestyle. In 2014 she moved to Barcelona pursuing dreams, seeking new challenges and experiences to be able to offer fresh ideas to her more than 10,000 monthly readers. Recently Fake Leather was renamed GADRIANA, a visual inspiration site created and edited by the blogger, with the support of collaborators and friends from around the world who directly or indirectly inspire and share their creativity and ideas about fashion, design, social networks and beauty.