Meteora (Verona, Italy) is a curator, creative, muse, coolhunter, theater director, actress and, as she defines herself, spark wherever she goes.

Meteora has 30 years of artistic training. She arrived in Madrid in the 80s, fascinated by the Madrid scene, moving to Seville in the 90s. She where she studied at CAT she Theater Direction and ended up founding her theater company, a multidisciplinary meeting point for artists.

In 2000 she moved to Barcelona getting involved in the musical and acting world. A couple of years ago, she came to Mexico with a fresh and new vision and soon she began to act and interview her original and special touch, managing to link one project with another and achieving great recognition.

This versatility of hers makes her a key piece in terms of the fashion, design and art scene in CDMX. She starred in the series ‘’ Meteora ‘’ in the Verne México section of the newspaper El País, collaborated in the program ‘’ Sale el Sol ‘’ by Imagen Televisión and has recently acted in advertising, cinema, shorts, fashion films and music video clips.

In Spain, director Paco León chose her for a cameo in the award-winning series ‘’Arde Madrid‘’ and she is Valeria in the film ‘’ Los Europeos‘’ by director Víctor García León, which premiered in November 2020.

She currently resides between Madrid and Mexico City, where she promotes her international project ‘’Noches de Autor‘’ and since August, we can see Meteora in the second season of the Netflix series, ‘’ Valeria ’’.