Carla Cervantes was born in Barcelona in 1993. At the age of 5 she began practising rhythmic gymnastics and, when being forced to quit at 12, she started contemporary dance and jazz funk.

She got into college to combine dance with philosophy and, at that moment, she was offered the opportunity to work in China as a dancer, choreographer, teacher and creative director. That’s when she began investigating the influences of acrobatics on gymnastics and their link to contemporary dance. This path and style were created and built alongside with Sandra Egido.

Born in Alicante, Sandra discovered the world of dance 10 years ago, feeling the call by urban styles such as break and hip hop. At 18 she decided to expand her dance training and travelled to Los Angeles. That’s where she came into direct contact with contemporary dance and decided to start working professionally as a dancer. This decision took her to travel through different cities of Spain and finally China, where she meets Carla; both felt a very strong connection since day one. They found a common emptiness and the same need to build and create. Together they decided to build the foundation of their vision on dance. They created “Look At Things Different”, a personal project with a lot of floor work, very physical but delicate at the same time, with influences of contemporary and break dance; their objective is to offer a different, fresh, inspiring and revolutionary vision about dance and the values that accompany it.

Since that time they have traveled all around the world teaching classes, workshops, choreographing events, commercials and TV shows. China, Germany, France, Croatia, Hong Kong and Dubai are some of the destinations of their professional life. Brands like VolkswagenComme Des GarçonsPaco RabanneDanone are some examples of collaborations for advertising or private events in different areas, expanding the dance everywhere.

They have been teachers, jury members and co-presenters of the two new editions of the historic program ¡Fama, A Bailar! from #0 of Movistar+.

Their collaboration with Oysho has led them to have an international projection where they can show their capacity to transmit the values of a fashion brand.

In 2018 Carla and Sandra were selected as one of the 30Under30 that Forbes magazine gives to 30 under 30 years old people with more projection inside and outside Spain.