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DEvaya was born in Madrid in 2018 by Rocío Soria de Vaya and Ana López Calero. They make handmade designs with top quality materials, created for strong, demanding, fun and feminine women with personality. Innovative and breakthrough pieces carefully designed with traditional processing methods. 

DEvaya aims to give a new role to jewellery. Jewels should stop being a complement, and acquire the same importance as garments in an outfit. Their founders believe that spontaneity and artificiality can coexist in harmony, and this is what they have wanted to demonstrate with the designs of their “COEXIST” collection, producing “smart” jewellery that makes you think. They are currently working on a new line with minimalist designs, but strong as well. They want to continue experimenting with jewellery and do not rule out experimenting other worlds. What happens if everything you have learned about jewellery is applied to bags?

They want DEvaya to be a multifaceted, unlimited, free and changing brand that allows them to experiment, learn and grow.

LA PERLA · Luxury Made In Italy

La Perla has always been characterised by its luxurious pieces of lingerie and bath. A historical Italian brand that has never had competitors within its field and has known how to rejuvenate itself with the passage of time. It now offers a complete total look for man and woman by the hand of its creative designer, Julia Haart.

Their designs are created for a sophisticated woman with a lot of personality who does not want to lose femininity at any time. La Perla’s man is also a man with clear ideas who likes fashion and quality in his clothes.

The renovation of its boutiques, its fashion shows on the New York Runway and the great models they work with (such as Adriana Lima or Kendall Jenner) are good proof that this Made In Italy has more strength than ever.


Cozarllado is a young brand of exclusive handbags born in India and developed in Ubrique, Spain. It was conceived and created by Raquel Cózar. Made with quality materials. her innovative designs support Spanish craftsmanship. She rebels against traditional forms, presenting an accessory of sensitive structures in movement, noble materials, soft tones and risky volumes.

The Cozarllado collection is created to tell a story through travelling and the shapes of the pieces. There are no limits in its creativity.

The limited edition of its designs and its exclusivity have been valued and awarded several times, for instance, with the 2015 “A ‘Design Award” and in the exhibition “It’s Fashion” during the Madrid Fashion Week.


Eamsee opened its doors in Madrid in 2015. This design and interior design studio suggests decoration in context and offers versatile and practical solutions.

In Eamsee they range from the selection of materials, furniture, decorative accessories and art, moving away from the rigidity of perfection and leaving room for the everyday life that shapes a true home.

MAZZA · Luxury Lifestyle

Luciana has over ten years experience in the fashion industry. She has been Creative Director and Editor of several designers and brands. Inspired by industrial and interior design, MAZZA is yet another extension of her personality.

MAZZA was born as a Premium lifestyle brand whose “investment pieces” collections are oriented towards an intelligent way of consuming and living, combining traditional craftsmanship with quality materials and timeless designs.

Handmade hats made by Spanish masters. True gems, timeless and exclusive, unisex, made with 100% wool, crowned with a marble stone and plated in 18 carat gold, which is the brand’s distinction, a symbol of clarity and creativity.

MAZZA’s first collection is made with three different hat models that reinterpret classical styles and turn them into exclusive pieces of design. You can find them in beige, grey or black, combined with three tones of marble: white, grey and a shocking green.

SHON MOTT · Total look “Made in Spain”

This very young brand in well known for its elegant designs based on luxury materials and minimalistic shapes. Brothers Pep and Kiko Buxo founded it in 2015, influenced by their several family generations dedicated to the textile world.

The company’s principles can be summarized as follows: simplicity, detail subtlety, search for luxury, honest pricing and material quality. They create total look collections for men and women, always Made in Spain, characterized for not having an expiration date, since part of their work is based on permanent elements.

The collection is based on plain garments that aim for comfort, elegance and timelessness, with clean lines and no ornaments nor excess, presenting shapes and colors that avoid trend and stand for sobriety, inviting us to rediscover quality in their fabric (100% cotton, wool and cashmere).

They have stores in Madrid and Barcelona, as well as their online shop, providing national and international shipping.